Hi There Thank you for coming to this page to find out more about the people behind this web site.

We are a husband and wife team that have been employees and employers over the years. We have three gorgeous young children. How much value the children have added to this site is debatable. They definitely keep us feeling young which reminds us of the past which inspires some of our designs that we have available. …so they get an honorable mention.

Inspiration also comes from past and current friends and family who have made us laugh over the years. You know who you are. Not you grumpy Doug and neither you uptight Mary. (Names changed for fear of retribution)

Please use and enjoy our products and don’t take anything too seriously. The products are NOT our beliefs or underwritten values. 

“Designs on our site are for fun only”

So have fun and….

Thanks again for visiting



“The Bizzerk Team”